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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Finish!

I've been working up to making some clothes for myself.  I'm not a sempstress.  I didn't take Home Ec. at school.  I took what I thought at the time were loftier subjects like art and graphics and design.  And here I am, neither an architect nor an artist, wishing that I'd had the foresight to learn some true sewing skills.

I've made a few garments before, but so few I can list them:
A dress for my daughter,
A pair of trousers for me,
A dress for me.

And all done long ago.

But I'm sick of buying clothes that I don't really like but can't afford the ones I do, or garments that don't fit or flatter, or tee-shirts that I know were probably made by some poor bugger in a sweatshop somewhere.

Then I read this post by Chunkychooky and it motivated me so much that.....

I made me a nightie!  I am very impressed with myself.  I followed this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew!, used an op-shopped sheet and shirt, and I wore it to bed the same day I started it.

I was so chuffed with myself that it almost made up for the bad bad bikkies.

And thank you all for your suggestions about the disastrous biscuits.  I'm going to do a marathon bake tomorrow and freeze a whole lot of my good recipes so I have bikkies at a moments notice.  Then I'm going to dry out the yucky ones, crumble them and use them as muesli (granola), cheesecake base, and a slice base and maybe try a crumble topping too.


  1. this is absolutely lovely! I love it so much I want to make one for myself! Off to look at the tutorial. I don't know how to read clothes patterns, so wish me luck!

  2. yay!! that looks great. Cath inspired me to actually act on it.
    I'll check out the tutorial.

    happy day to you Ms Lottie

  3. woohoo! Go YOU! I love that you have used recycled have inspired me too!

  4. WOW!! that is bloody ace!! good on you I am so thrilled that I inspired you!! Yay for us!!!

  5. Lovely nightie!
    My thoughts exactly re. making clothes. I have a growing list of things I want to make, and am collecting fabric and op-shop finds to use!
    Good one!

  6. You've done a great job on your little nightie.Cute! I use to do a little more sewing in my younger days. I was pretty good back then, but as time goes by, I find pleasure in other crafts. I see some of the garments I made in pictures now and then, and I can hardly believe I did that.I even tackled a little boy's shirt with collar,pocket, sleeves, buttons and button holes. I can't believe I made that.But that was long ago.

  7. My sewing machine is broke :( I can't yet afford to fix it so I'm doing everything thats emergency by hand.

    I can't say I've had much success with clothes but my sis is really good there. I'm afraid I just wear whatever is available, second hand and cheap. I do have one or two 'respectable' outfits but even they are mostly hand downs.

    Your nightie looks pretty good :)

    viv in dunedin

  8. That's very cute, wow, I am still too scared to tackle clothing.


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