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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mama Bunny Mischief

I planned well.  I planned not to have any extra bunnies bouncing around at Christmas time.  So when I go away camping there is less to organise, less responsibility for whoever we get to housesit/animalsit (anyone keen by the way?!).

But I didn't plan on Mama Bunny.

This particular Mama's name is Tweedle Dum.  And Tweedle Dum took a midnight wander a while ago (well, a month ago to be precise, that's how long rabbits gestate for).  And now I know what she got up to on her big night out!

This litter of ten little wrigglers have a distinct 'wild' bunny look to them. 

Well, I guess I need to have a little talk to Tweedle Dum - you know, that motherly talk about "it only takes once" and "he might say he loves you but..." 

Sigh.  Rabbits have no sense of decorum.


  1. Hahaha, that is so funny! Oh well, they should still taste good!

  2. oh they are so cute! Sorry, I'm not into eating animals so won't think about what will happen :-(

  3. Maybe you should change her name to Tweedle not so dumb :)

    You'll have to tell us whether they taste different being half wild. Very cute though :)

    viv in dunedin

  4. So, she got a wild hare, eh? Well, good for her. I'm sure she just needed some bunny to love, even for that fleeting moment. Congrats on the kits, (is kits the right word?) Elaine

  5. Naughty mama bunny - they are very cute though. Blondie wants to know if she can have one!! Someone needs to explain to her the concept of that really large ocean between us and you.

  6. Wild rabbits and domestic rabbits cannot interbreed--they are too genetically different (domestics originated in Europe). She must've found another domestic bun on the loose!

  7. Hi Jeni, Here in New Zealand we have no native mammals except a bat. Our wild rabbits were introduced by European settlers for fur and food and hence they can interbreed with domestics.


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