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Monday, October 18, 2010

Windyhill Farm Animals.

 Minty the lamb.  He is slowly being weaned and he has an appointment with a couple of rubber rings shortly.  He is boisterous and bouncy and would dearly love a playmate, but orphan lambs have been a little scarcer this year.

 These are the calves that I bottle-reared last year.  Growing fat and sassy on spring grass.

 This is Gloria - I still have hopes about her becoming my housecow.  I should have de-horned her when she was a baby but I didn't get around to it.  She lets me scratch her butt (and if I have bit of chow with molasses, well, she'll let me touch her anywhere!)

 This was Gloria when we first got her.  Ouch, painfully skinny.

And that's her in the middle.  She'll never be a fat cow after her underfed start, but for her she is nicely rounded around the rump.  Isn't it amazing how much darker she's gotten as she's grown?

And would a post about my animals be complete without a chook photo?  These are some eight week old chicks that I'm going to sell.  Two Light Sussex roosters (they'll probably end up in the pot) and three Light Sussex pullets.  Anyone need an egg factory?  $12 each. Cluck, cluck! 


  1. me! me!
    I'd love 2 pullets.
    I could pick them up whenever suits you. But perhaps not this week as I have 8 ducklings in the broody house which is what I use to house new chooks for a wee while, but I've ordered a new chook house which should get here soon. Just as well as my other ducklings will most likely arrive in a couple of weeks!

  2. Sold! Two pullets to Laura. If anyone else wants chooks, don't fret, I've got another two hatchings growing up fast.

  3. Too bad they can't be mailed. :-( I want chooks, too! [Pouting.]

    So lovely to see spring photos of all your animals.

  4. Unfortunately I've no room for animals and you're far away from my home. But I love your pics about them. Your sheeps and lambs, your cows and calves and all the other pets you have. I quite miss the life on a farm :-(

  5. Whoohooo!
    AND just had a call from Mainfreight to say house should be arriving today. L and I are going to put it together this afternoon if it comes in time. If we manage I'll give you a shout tomorrow if you're around. If it comes later it'll be the weekend till we can make it.
    I am so excited!! I love light sussex chooks.


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