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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Deadline Met. Happy Boy.

 I am the mother of a six year old.  Crazy!  It makes me feel just a little bit old.  (I'm going to feel positively ancient by the time he's ten).  The people that love my son know him quite well - he got two of these tee-shirts.  He was very excited about that - one to wear when the other one is in the wash!

I managed to finish the Dragon quilt, although there is a very ugly seam that needs unpicking and sowing by hand (I'll sneak it off his bed one night for that).  I ignored all housework while I was frantically stitching - and you can get a bit of an idea from the photo above what an absolute bombsite the house is.

So I was very, very grateful to the weather gods who kept it fine so that we could proceed with the outdoor beach birthday party.  It was a huge success.  By that I mean we didn't drown or lose any children.  Phew. 

And my son made my life extra easy by wanting a "fancy chocolate cake like the supermarket ones".  It took me about a third of the time it normally takes me to decorate a birthday cake and it was THAT good that when I'm not drooping with exhaustion like I am now, I will post the recipe.



  1. Well done - sounds like a successful day - and good on you for getting the quilt finished in time - if you can sneak it off his bed, I'd love a 'proper' look at it! Happy Birthday to your son :-)

  2. Wow, you did well girl! And you are old, haha, but not as old as I'll be when MINE turns 6, eek!

  3. You think you're old - mine just turned 12!! She's convinced me to let her watch Avatar with her bestie. Happy birthday Master W! What a clever Mummy you have.


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