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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Next Deadline

One more self-imposed deadline to meet.  This is the beginning of the quilt I am making for my Father-in-Law for Christmas.  This is the easy bit - drawing, cutting and ironing the shapes.  Now I have to make a start on appliqueing the shapes on or I end up with a pile at the end and it becomes just a little monotonous.

Today is one of my kid-free days.  I planted tomato, lettuce, silverbeet, cabbage and onion seedlings in my garden and seeds of salsify, onions, yarrow and dandelions (great chook and rabbit fodder).  I manged to climb to the summit of Mt. Washmore and do a load or two and the weather obliged by being sunny and drying it for me.  I can see my lounge floor again.  I finally feel like I'm catching up after my week on non-housework.  Funny how these little things are so fulfilling.


  1. I have a project or three round here too and a day of teens tomorrow thanks to the teachers strike :)

    I also attempted Mt Washmore but rain gave it an extra rinse and its still on the line :(

    viv in dunedin

  2. I am somehow staying on top of Mt Washmore, I think 'cos it's the machine is on ALL THE TIME it seems. No kid free days here though, and what I get done reflects that. My choice for now. Though I do sometimes look back wistfully...:)

  3. Do you hand or machine quilt after appliquing? I always feel very virtuous after doing some house work too.

  4. Congratulations on the housework achievements!! I like the start of your new quilt; good luck with meeting your new deadline :-)


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