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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Row by Row Machine Quilting

This is another little bassinet quilt for the Maternity Unit at out local hospital.  They are such a great size for practicing my machine quilting.  You can see how the variegated thread used here shows up much better on a solid fabric than a patterned one.

This quilt was quilted in a row-by-row way. You start with one line in one pattern and then add another one and so on until it looks as complex as you want.  You can see it better on the back.

I've been getting lots of ideas of patterns and heaps of useful tips from "Machine Quilting Solutions"  by Christine Maraccini, a book which I've borrowed from my good friend Suz over at All The Good Ones Are Taken.

I think I need to invest in a really good machine quilting book for myself - anyone got any suggestions?


  1. Harriet Hargraves Heirloom Machine quilting would be my top pick for anyone using a domestic machine.She is/was the founder/queen of Domestic Machine quilting.If your Library doesn't have it, it is money well spent.(Whangarei Library has it.)
    Leah Day's website is a great one too,as is Ivory Spring.....good luck, your quilting is looking great.

  2. No, but I have found a nearby quilter! The lady I sit next to at work did some quilting in her day, and has brought me in some of her pieces to look at so I can get an idea of how it's done.

    I'd like mine to be done somewhat like yours! The pattern is just lovely - and I kind of get the idea of how you did it... what are the little flowers though?

  3. Have you seen this little challenge?
    It may not owrk out for you with Symposium coming up (lucky you!) but thought I would share the link anyway. As Leeanne says, practise, practise, practise is what we need to do!

  4. It looks very nice. Beautiful collection of colours too.


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