My name is Charlotte, sometimes known as Ms Lottie, occasionally as The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady. This is my blog, where you'll find me writing a lot about my quilting and textile arts and a little about my family's life in a small seaside town in New Zealand. Haere mai!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winging Away

I'm in Auckland airport using a sticky keyboard, the bottles of water are  $4.00 and there seems to be a shortage of fresh air.  But I'm on my way!!  Off to Queenstown for a week of fun and learning at the Remarkable Symposium.  I'll see you back here in a wee while - I think I'll be far too busy enjoying my kid-free, responsibility-free, holiday to blog much and I'm not going to feel an ounce of guilt about enjoying myself either!  Have fun! 


  1. Hope you have a fantastic time - I'm very envious! We're leaving on our road trip in three days - so I won't be blogging either till I get back. Catch up with you then. Love Lou xxoxx

  2. I hope you have a lovely time! :)

  3. It was really nice to meet you even for such a short time. Just wish I'd been able to catch up with you some more.



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