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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Hole in the Wall

A before (well, actually a part-way-through) and after shot of my son's bedroom wall.

Now that we have walled off the bathroom from the laundry, it is windowless and very dark.  We needed a small window for the bathroom but I couldn't find one at the closest demolition yard.  And I didn't fancy an hours drive on the off chance another yard would have one.  Plus I have always wanted a larger window in my boy's room.  It is small and was pretty dark too.  I also worried about his ability to get out of it in a fire.

Solution:  Bribe son with monetary amount to take away his window that he suddenly grew VERY attached to.  Rip a gaping great hole in son's bedroom wall.  Spray dust and plasterboard EVERYWHERE.  Replace small window with disgustingly dirty window that was hiding behind shed.  Ooo and ahhh at the amazing difference in light.  Thank the builder who worked like stink to get it all done in one day so that it is reasonably water tight.  Phew!

I need to show you a little sneak preview of the quilt I'm quilting for my niece-yet-to-arrive.  Just to prove that I've stopped procrastinating!

So no crab apple jelly making today, just lots of quilting.  Tonight I think I might find something to watch on TV (I don't usually indulge in watching the box) and tie in some pesky thread ends.  Then I have only about a fifth left to quilt.  Phew to that too!


  1. Quilting looking good - I think I recognise one of those patterns :0) You must have been working hard to get so much done.

  2. Fabulous quilting!!You sons room looks like a completely different one.

  3. wow that procrastination worked wonders and you've gone great guns on the quilting - it's going to look lovely - well done!!

  4. Considering all the jobs we women can find that need doing, you seem to be getting things accomplished at your house. Here at my house, it is a constant struggle to know which chores are more important and which ones can wait. The WAITING list is getting rediculous.I doubt I will ever get caught up.I hope your son loves his new window. I do. I love lots of windows(except when it's storming).The quilt is looking great.

  5. Very nice window! Isn't it funny how they get attached right when change/disappearance of an object is about to happen?

  6. Love the window - what a huge difference!! My quilting these days is pretty much restricted to straight lines - I'm back on Mum's old machine which really isn't good for free motion stuff. Love the machine though.

  7. I think I lost a comment. Nice window, nice quilt and procrastination until the last possible minute rules :)



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