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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Entertaining Lots of Kidlets (and a few adults)

Our quilting guild have a deal going with the local primary school whereby we give free fibre art classes to their pupils and in return we get free use of their school hall for our annual exhibition.

I organised and ran them last year and am doing so again this year.  Last year was fabric paint - fun but messy and with lots of prep and clean up.  This year it's fabric collage.  I chose it in part to help tame the scrap heap, but people keep donating scraps to me to use so the pile is growing not shrinking!

The kids (who were six years old for the most part) drew the outline of their first initial then glued scraps of fabric to fill it in.  Then with chenille or tapestry needles (nice and big with a good eye), they big stitched around the outline.  Simple, effective and lots of fun.  I've zigzagged them into a banner that they can hang on their wall and then we can hang it in our exhibition in January.  Now I've only three more classes to go with the same age kids and we're all done for another year.


  1. I bet the kidlets enjoyed this exercise - all those colours (yeah - scrap usage!) are very effective and fun looking. My kids used to enjoy cookie-cutting out too (previous post) - I'm sure those cookie cutters are similar to the old ones I got off Mum?

  2. Fantastic! Great idea, good to hook in some young ones into the love of fabric!

  3. What a great idea and good on you for being the "organiser". The more we can encourage creativity in the younger generations the better I say. As for the mess etc sometimes it makes me glad that my children have grown up!!


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