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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Fabric Painting

After a week and a half of sick children, today was my first day when they were both back at school and I had no other commitments.  So I made a date with my studio, turned on my latest audio book*, and broke out my new Jacquard textile paints and had a play (of course, that was after I fed the calves, chooks, ducks and rabbits, loaded the dishwasher, washed and hung out two loads of washing, took the dogs for a walk, vacuumed the house (the plug is fixed - yay!) and had a cup of tea to revive myself.)

*'How It All Began' by Penelope Lively - pretty good, but not exactly fast paced.  Would recommend 'Giants Of The Frost' by Kim Wilkins - kept me riveted.

The Kotare (Kingfisher) and Pukeko were the result.  I'm pretty happy with the Kotare, but I think the blue on the Pukeko is a bit bright and uneven, so I'll go back to that.

The other thing I've been playing with is samples of how to portray foliage.  I've pieced a small background made of the same fabrics on the quilt I'm making and have painted and appliquéd onto it to see what I want to use.  There is hand painted silk organza, hand painted scrim/muslin, shiva paintstiks, Jacquard Lumiere and normal Jacquard textile paints and some old acrylic textile paints I had hanging around with no labels on them!  It's been really interesting to see the different effects.

No sewing tomorrow, for I'm off to work to pay for my habit ;)


  1. Yah for the kids being back at school for some well deserved play time for you!

  2. I've never tried fabric painting before, sure looks fun. It's always a great day when you can be artistic and creative. I'm happy for you that your kiddos are well and are at school. Take care, Elaine

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  4. The things we go through to be able to have a good play! Your painting efforts are great Charlotte, and love the foliage experiments too. I see some neat quilts emerging!

  5. I like your leaves :) I made a lino cut of a ginko leaf and have been madly printing it ever since on this and that :) Lots of fun.

    I think we are clear of bugs at present, just in time for being bugged by senior exams with time off for 'study'!!!



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