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Friday, August 10, 2012


I woke up this morning in a frump - a frowny grump.  I'm tired, the kids are home from school again with snotty noses and headaches and are stretching my patience, 'someone' (no one is owning up) squashed the vacuum cleaner plug so I can't clean the floors and they are crunchy with dirt, I've a to-do list as long as my arm and all of it tedious stuff, four calves to feed twice a day, it's rained every day for about three weeks solid...........see?  I could keep whining on and on but nobody likes a whiner.

So I gave my own butt a kick and decided to be consciously grateful for things today.

The sun is actually shining and looks promising for the whole day.  It hasn't done this for such a long time, it's so lovely.

Those calves that I have to feed twice a day are cute and healthy and that's a big thing.  I know how quickly bottle fed babies can get sick.

My five year old birthday girl wanted a simple heart birthday cake, not a mermaid castle masterpiece, and just an afternoon tea with her cousins - grateful!!  Gotta love the photo bomb by her cousin.

The first bulb is up in my orchard.  I planted heaps but thought the chickens might have scratched them all up so I'm very happy to see this early cheer.  And I can see an iris budding up too.

I've got my design wall up and functioning.  I might put another sheet of flannel covered polystyrene under this one but for now my long quilts can just hang.  So grateful to have a studio space to myself and room to have a big design wall.

Now hopefully I can keep my grateful mood right through the day, especially dinner time!  I'm off to enjoy the sun and get a little vitamin D in my system.


  1. I'm so glad to see the sun too! I have heaps of washing on the clothesline instead of on an airing rack for a change. Your quilt on the design wall is looking good, and that cake looks yummy. My Baby turned 18 yesterday. I still remember going to the hospital to have him it doesn't feel that long ago.

  2. Some days I can hardly force myself to muster up enough energy to get through the day,but then at times, a little fresh air and sunshine is all it takes to drive away the doldrums.

    Your quilt is coming along nicely, and the five year old has the face of a porcelain doll.She is so pretty.

  3. Glad the sun is sharing it's self to you too! yup, it is the small things to be grateful about. I am reading a book about my cousin who died a couple of years ago, she battled with diabetes her whole life, double amputee, no fingers & blind, confined to a wheelchair, but through all of this she smiled & always counted her blessings & said there was always someone worse off than her! She was a gem, I think of her when I'm in a grump about things.

  4. The Winter sunshine is certainly something to be grateful for.
    And hand reared calves are so very cute.

  5. Love that you gave your butt a kick and look what a fabulous list of fabulous great things you ended up with!! Your quilt is looking awesome - do yo like the polystyrene on your design wall? I'm still wondering what to set up!!

  6. I hear you ......I have kids sick, calves to feed and lists a mile long. Thanks list helped me today too. Hope tomorrow is better :)

  7. Vit D always helps me, some good ole sunshine on the skin. Love the birthday cake and little miss looks just like you in that photo! Boys got their gift BTW and wow, thought it was the coolest thing ever to receive, must go with that idea myself I think. Happy birthday to Miss 5, and keep ya sanity!

  8. Sending you some sun, well, it was here yesterday LOL! Keep moving, and keep noticing your gratitude in small steps. I do love your design wall quilt - sneak a glance and catch it unawares when you think it doesn't notice ;-))) That will make you smile ... cheers


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