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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rust dyeing for distraction

At the moment (well, in the few moments I have squeezed around all the other things that seem to happen at this time of year) I'm trying out some surface design techniques to make some samples for a surface design round robin that I'm planning to run next year.

So when the kids came to me with a fight disagreement, I employed my favourite parenting trick - distraction.

"Muuuuum, she broke my spaceship!"
"But Muuuuuuum, he wouldn't give me back my battle droid!"
"Really?  Oh dear.  Well, how about you come outside with me and wrap vinegary fabric around this big rusty metal thing?"

So they did.  Then I wrapped plastic bags around the wet fabric to keep it wetter for longer and took a cheesy photo of the kids.  It took about five minutes and, what do you know, the fight was forgotten.

Two days later, this is what we had.  Nobody was particularly impressed.  I think it looks like they are rags I've used to wipe up something nasty!  So I soaked them and wrapped the whole thing up again.

But it is only the first layer of surface design after all.  I'm aiming to do another four layers/techniques so I'm sure it'll get better.  I have two other pieces of cloth which I'm twiddling around with too, guess I might have to show them to you tomorrow.


  1. I failed completely at this but one of the others got a really nice piece out of it (its on artfibredunedin.blogspot). I moved on to monoprints and there I'm sticking for some time I think :)


  2. try throwing some rusty nails and screws, etc on a piece ( whose husband doesnt have those lying around or get the kids to pick old ones up and rsut in vinegar in a jar). Makes gorgoeous pattersn on fabric!


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