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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Here's a sequence of photographs showing what happened to one of my white fat quarters.  You can see the black lines drawn with a fabric marker in a rough grid pattern underneath.  Then I scraped on red fabric paint with a tiling tool.

I diluted some of the red paint with water and used a foam brush in another grid pattern.  I put it out to dry with bits and pieces on to try and get a sun print but that didn't work.  No matter.

A week or so later, my daughter was painting with acrylics and squeezed out way too much.  So I mixed her colours up with some textile medium, ironed down some leftover freezer paper shapes I had and rolled (using a brayer) the paint over the shapes.  

That technique wasn't so successful.  The brayer would catch the edge of the freezer paper and roll it up around itself and so I couldn't go back to cover the shape entirely.  

But I'm still really happy with it.  I like the ghostly image.  The not-quite-there glimpse, which is similar to the flash of bird you often see in real life.  Just an impression as it flits by.

What do you think?


  1. Beautiful work. I like the idea of a ghostly image better than something too stark.
    Makes me want to try something similar.

  2. Successful experiment. Similar to how some batik images are half exposed.

  3. Very cool! Wishing you a magical Christmas!

  4. Very cool technique, Charlotte! I very much do like it :o)

  5. I like this very much and am trying to decide if I've got the "ump" to try something like it....hmmm....

  6. Like that very much :)

    Merry Christmas



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