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Monday, March 18, 2013


I've been fabric printing.  Experimenting for the handprinted fabric swap III, run by Leslie Keating.  I thought quilting was addictive, but now I can't stop thinking about stamp designs!  And I've even made a wee screen for screen printing and had a play with that too.  Fun!

It's amazing what some craft foam, a hot glue gun and scrap of wood can produce in the way of a stamp.  I thought it would be complicated, and I have carved a stamp (the circle of spirals) with a soft carving block and lino cutting tools, but the simpler stamps I've made are just as effective, if not more so.

I'm in love.


  1. Yay, love what I can see!!! Have few new bits'n'bobs I haven't tried out yet - do you think we can organise a play date? Lo

  2. What lovely prints, so neat and proper. And the stamp is perfect.

  3. This looks fun! That leaf design is really cool.Looking forward to seeing what else you do with them...!

  4. These are lovely. Do you need to do anything to your fabric prior to printing?

    1. Hi Marei, thankyou!

      I always wash my fabric to remove any sizing or pretreatments, then for printing they need a good ironing to remove any wrinkles that would interfere with the print. That it's!

      I use an opaque textile paint and I pin my fabrics out on a polystyrene board covered with one layer of old wool blanket. The slightly padded surface gives a better print.

  5. Fun! We will watch this space.


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