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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The day of B's

Today I'm brewing,


and binding.

Brewing:  a ginger beer bug.

Baking:  two ginger-crunch cakes, one for the School Regatta tomorrow, one for the pantry tins.

Binding:  My tree of life quilt.  Do you like my faux piping?  Or would you call it a flange?  A decorative edging?  Whatever you call it, I like it, and I especially like that I got it pretty neat and tidy.  Two corners are done, two to go.  Do you measure your progress on hand-stitching binding like that?


  1. I like the flange and yes, I count by corners too. We have ginger beer on the go too :) but I'm afraid my gingernuts were bought.

    I'm making elderberry cordial today which is a first.


  2. Yup I sure do measure how far to go on binding just like that!!!
    The peeper, piping.....blabla, whatever you call is cool!!!
    Mmmm baking!

  3. That is exactly how I measure binding. I bet I couldn't bind a round quilt because there would be no corners to count. Ginger beer....sounds delightful.


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