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Friday, March 8, 2013

Tui at Dawn

I'm quilting another quilt at the moment.  It's another one that I'm hoping to have accepted for the Taupo Symposium exhibition.

Consequently, I can't show it to you besides these little peeks!

It's called Tui at Dawn.  Do you think I've got the colours and feeling right?


  1. Very nice... colours and theme look perfect to me. Enjoy your shopping trip!

  2. Love the colors. Is this one of the Tui that you painted months back? I loved those. I hope your quilt(s) get accepted for Taupo. I was hoping to get back to NZ this year but it's just not in the $$.

  3. looks intriguing! of luck.......the colours look soothing & peaceful.

  4. Looks very nice to me - hope it is successful :)


  5. Bautiful dawn colours Charlotte, on both the quilt and the photo (duh, they are both photos but you know what I mean!)I hope you get accepted for Symposium - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!! PS How is the ginger bug growing?


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