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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hand-cranked Unity Sewing Machine aka Belinda

Meet my new friend.  Her name is Belinda.

We are still getting to know each other.  Belinda needs a bit of TLC.

But her handle cranks and her needle goes up and down.  She has spare bobbins and a few interesting looking feet.   

Shortly she'll go off and meet the nice sewing machine doctor.  I've promised her it won't hurt a bit and she'll feel good as new when she comes home (finger's crossed).

Isn't she a darling?


  1. LOVELY!! I hope you enjoy it! I like to think one of these will cross my path someday too.

  2. Yes she is a darling!!! Lucky you!

  3. Lovely! I have a similar machine ( a family heirloom) but it's a Singer. Hope you find someone good to fix her up, my experience wasn't good - the original foot got 'lost' and the case was damaged during servicing...was fixed up for me all free of charge but I was disappointed all the same.

  4. You are so luck to have it in the original case.The one I have as bought for my Daughter when she was about 5yr as she wanted a toy machine. I have since taken the machine to Craft Fair to demonstrate on. It had a great interest shown.

  5. oh I love it! I had a treadle when I lived in Wellington. (Over 20 years ago) Sadly, I no longer have it as we got "rid off" what we couldn't fit in the car.

  6. Oh wow - what a treasure! Wishing her a happy visit at the Drs and you both many happy times together :-)

  7. Really neat! A decent treadle machine would be my wish but this would be good too.

    I just posted off my red square and hope you like it when you see it :)



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