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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Patchwork Lanyard

I had a dream last night.  A really coherent dream about leaving my daughter with a workmate of my husband in a noisy, dirty workshop while I went to work feeling very worried.  Then when I came back to pick her up I was carrying her out and I tripped over a chain, her head hit the ground as we fell.  That's when I woke up (thankfully).

So what's that all about?  Well, I've been working as a locum midwife for the last ten days and I don't think I could have a clearer indication of Mummy Guilt than that dream!

There has been little or no sewing, basic housework only, a funeral service for a dear friend and one-pot dinners.  It was a grand reminder of how easy my life usually is.  Kudos to all of you who work full time and manage kids and households as well.

Anyway.  Today I have a 75th surprise birthday party to go to.  Being so busy I haven't had time to think about a gift so I set to this morning and in half an hour I had this:

This lovely lady who is having a birthday has a tendency to leave her keys on cafe counters.  I'm hoping that a beautiful patchwork lanyard might help her keep them safe!

To make it I cut three inch fabric strips of various lengths (1 1/2 inches upwards).  I sewed them together end to end, pressed the seams open and then pressed the strip in half lengthways.  I then folded each lengthwise edge into the middle fold and pressed it again so those long raw edges were hidden in the middle (like making bag handles).  I also pressed under one short edge by half an inch.

Now here comes the only slightly tricky bit.  I threaded a keyring onto the strip, then I tucked the raw short edge into the pressed under one and pinned it to hold it.  Then I top stitched down each long edge, moving the ring along as I went.  You end up with a big ring of fabric with the little ring on it.

Then I moved the keyring to the area where I tucked in the short end and pinched the fabric together above the metal ring.  I zig-zagged across the fabric to hold the keyring in place and to catch the tucked in ends neatly so they didn't unfold.


I found the keyring in my box of treasures but I know you can buy them at the hardware store or any place that cuts keys.  You could also put a clip onto the lanyard and you can pick them up at sewing stores or maybe the hardware store too.

I can see many more of these in my future!  


  1. You have been busy, everyone has different ways of living. Great present you whipped up in the nick of time!

  2. Great gift! I use one too, a kinda ugly Kagaroos footy team one, that was a freebie for my hubby, haha. People think I am a team fan and ask me what I think of the game last week, I kinda give them a blank look before I realise they're referring to my team coloured lanyard, lol.

    I know what you mean about busy, holy cow, I don't know how people, mums actually, keep everything together when they work out of home. I don't woh but she-ite, out lives run like a finely machine but one hiccup and it's chaos. I can not imagine what will happen if I throw paid work into the balance.

    1. Excellent, I know what your birthday pressie is going to be then! And I promise it won't be in Kangaroo colours :)

  3. fantastic idea Charlotte, thanks for sharing the instructions - I had a bunch of birthdays coming up that needed a 'little something' so I'm already on my third! Empire Mart in Kaitaia have the D rings with swivel clips on them for 20c each so armed with a handful of those and my scraps box I'm on a roll =)


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