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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Mumblings

It was frosty this morning.  Only our second frost this winter (and the first was yesterday).

But frosty mornings usually mean sunny days and, sure enough, today was lovely.

Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine.  The boss of the world thought he might herd the ducks.  They were having none of it, and fair enough, they're about twice his size.

The chooks have started laying.  They were hatched on New Year's Day, so bang on six months old.

Floppy (for obvious reasons) is a North Holland Blue, which looks very similar to Barred Rocks.

This girl is unnamed as yet and she's a mix of Light Sussex and Golden Laced Wyandotte.

We put the cows on the lawn to mow the grass.  Grass converting itself to beef, yum, yum.

I tried to work on my swallow quilt but the kids kept annoying me and each other so I got them outside for some sketching.  It worked a treat to get them settled down.

Mine's in the middle, but I think I like my daughter's on the left best.  Although my son's, on the right, might make an interesting quilting pattern!

Hope you had a lovely Sunday too.


  1. sigh, your winters are better than our summers xx

  2. Europe! Our summer takes place today - what will be tomorrow? Send my love to the boss of the sheep's heard and to you.

  3. Beautiful! Love the animal shots and I hadn't thought about sketching with the kids, good idea.

  4. Yes, we've had a frosty few days down here too, and another one this morning! I like how your swallow quilt is shaping up, and enjoyed seeing your animal shots :-)

  5. So, did you go back to the flying geese (or is that half square triangles?)/swallows... or was this an older photo? Does it help if I say I like it? It was a truly beautiful day yesterday... but man, was it cold this morning - 1degree in Kaikohe! Still trying to defrost my toes...

  6. Love the photo of your cat. We have had three days of wonderful!

  7. Love those swallows :)

    Dear Jane was here today. Probably for a few more too.....


  8. Love the pieced background and the punch of swallow shillouettes. Think this might be the start of your best work- nice design and composition so far.
    Lee-Ann of Wellington


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