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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Art on Sunday

I followed on from last weeks success with sketching for the kids and introduced them to my water-soluble coloured pencils and pastels.

It gave me at least half and hour of peaceful piecing in my studio.  They drew monsters - a squid for my girl and an evil starfish monster for the lad.  They found the transformation of colour and the blending magical when they applied the water.

In fact, I might have to pick up those pencils later and have a go myself!


  1. Fun fun fun! I'm also playing with water-colour pencils presently. Just too scared to add water LOL! (in case I mess it up)

  2. Great going, they are doing better than I could do, I was never that great at painting & shading with colour.

  3. So sweet to have the family creating together. Love the look on your son's face!

  4. There is a black one in my sketch kit always :) Lots of fun.


  5. I used to love doing this kind of things with the kids...kinda like they were working along with me but I was able to do my own thing :-) Love their creations!

  6. Lovely kid! drawing is so good for them.

  7. I have fond memories with my Mother, who just passed in March. She raised 9 kids on a very limited household income. She had to be very creative. I remember her using the cute little embroidery iron on patterns and tracing them onto a roll of freezer paper as long as our dining table. When we had idle time, us kids would line up around the table and color the pictures. When we were finished, Mom would use the paper to decorate a huge box which held the newest babies, a set of twins, diapers. We had very limited storage space back then.When I see similar embroidery stencils today, those same fond memories return.


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