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Friday, July 26, 2013

RED 12 x 12 Challenge and Life Encircling quilts.

You might remember I posted this picture of my four 12 x 12 RED challenge entries.  This was a mini-exhibition held at the Taupo Symposium and arranged by Aotearoa Quilters Guild.

They were all for sale at the same price and I was really lucky that one of my pieces sold on the first day.  In fact, it sold before I got a picture of all four together!  You can see mine in the second to bottom row, but they've filled in the gap created by the sale of my 'Red Bird Home to Roost' with someone else's quiltlet.

Here is another wall of them.  There were four walls altogether and they looked really fantastic hanging together.

And here is the obligatory goofy photo of me standing next to one of my other main exhibition entries, 'Life Encircling'.

This was the other quilt that I couldn't show the whole thing online before the exhibition.

A couple of detail shots for you.  The birds were painted onto white fabric then cut and appliqued onto the pieced background.  Lots of the leaves of plants are either scrim or organza - hand painted and then appliquéd.  The background is mainly pieced from my hand-dyed, painted or printed fabrics.

I had a lot of fun with this quilt.  There was a lot of playing and trying out new techniques so I'm glad it was successful in that it was accepted for show.  And it was neat to see it hanging nicely on the black walls of the exhibition.

I also took two classes whilst I was at the Symposium, but I'll do some posts on them another day.


  1. Wow, girl, you are awesome! Beautiful work!!

  2. Such lovely work congratulations . More photos of the exhibition please as it is a long way to travel for some of us.

  3. Fantastic!
    Have you ever made to sell in mind, such as Etsy?

  4. Lottie, wonderful, wonderful. A beautiful quilt, I love to see this. And what a good idea to paint first on white fabric and applique then.

  5. Beautiful! Your 'Life Encircling' is stunning, there is so much detail in it, amazing work.


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