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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gelli Plate Printing with Kids

This afternoon I wanted to bang my children's heads together.  Instead, I pulled out my new-ish Gelli Plate and did some monoprinting on paper with them.  After a while we got pretty creative - if I do say so myself...


Chinese gate for my son's valley of bones (don't ask).

Skull for the same thing.

I think this is one of my favourites.

Clean up involved a small glass of Lemocello for me, a pastry brush that is now relegated to my studio instead of the kitchen,

and two kiwifruit ice blocks for them.  School holidays are almost over, phew.

Yesterday, Suz from 'all the good ones are taken' and Mathea, a new quilting friend, came over with their kids in tow.  We talked quilts and the kids played and played and played.  Big sticks were involved, dirt featured too (so much that I saw them running around with swimming goggles on) and play wrestling on the trampoline.  My boy had so much fun and today is sporting a neat wee black eye, must do it again next holidays!

And just because they are not all bad, here are some cute things my kids have said lately:

Son asked, "When will pussy cat stop mulching?"  That would be moulting!

And my girl asked,"Where is the fly stabber?  I need to get that fly!"  Hmmm, fly swatter perhaps?


  1. Some cuteness in the madness!
    Great screen printing with the kids, look out art world.

  2. Hehe, my boys each bought themselves a small nerf gun (sigh....) and have been amusing themselves trying to shoot the compost flies that sometimes appear in my kitchen. And they've missed their cousins.....only R went in the pool at Dad's on our last day, H said it was boring without W.

    But they're back to school now, last term, yay!


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