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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Oldest Work-In-Progress

I think this is my oldest WIP, but I'm not about to scrummage around in my cupboards to prove it one way or another.  I know it is at least four and a half years old because I have pictures of it laid out on the floor of my old perhaps five or six years?  Ok, I just went and checked the date on those photos.....2003.  Hmmm, needs to get finished.

It's big.  So the design floor was brought into use.  There is actually not much to do.  I have to finish buttonhole stitching (machine) some of those leaves in the border, then attach the border to finish the little bits of bell flower applique in the corners.

And I want to rework the bird's wing.  This central design is from one of Material Obsession's books.  I can't remember which one - it was from the library.  But my husband said it looks like a chicken drumstick, and now that's ALL I see!  Blast him!

So I wonder how old those little yellow bits of post-it note are?  I've had to safety pin them on because they've lost their sticky, but they've marked the corners well, I would have been in a pickle with which corner was which if I didn't have them.  

My goal is to have this top finished by the end of the week.  Then it can move into the waiting-to-be-quilted pile.  Shall we look at what's in that pile?  No, that could be overwhelming....!

And thank you for your thoughts on my last post.  I think I just need more doing and less thinking ;)


  1. Nice!!!! Isn't it amazing how we put these things away when there is so little left to do on them? And comments from husbands are not always helpful!!! Have fun finishing it :-)

  2. Wow! I LOVE it....chicken drum stick and all! I have a xmas tree skirt that has Angels playing trumpets, but my hubby ( a trumpet player ) says they look like toilet plungers! Great :-/

  3. My mum spotted a wee scottie dog in one of my really big and complicated wall tapestries - after it was framed! My mother in law has that on her wall now......

    As for quilting - I finally got a walking foot and managed to make worse rucks than ever. I can hand sew to perfection but sewing machines are an alien species!



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