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Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweet, simple cushion

I'm enjoying working on lots of little projects at the moment.  The little purses from my last post were great fun, I've been hand-stitching down some binding on a couple of little bassinet quilts to donate to the maternity unit and then there was today's project, to finish this cushion:

I had some pre-fused blue leaves left over from my big blue and white quilt (top is finished, I just need to tie off some threads from the appliqué) and I had this fawn/stone coloured fabric (closest to this colour) and I needed some new cushions.  So it all just came together and I love it!

The back is a 3 button flap closure made with some really yummy linen/hemp screen printed fabric that I bought when I was in Australia.  I found this lovely little shop called 'I just love that fabric' on the Gold Coast and it was filled with designer decorating fabrics, oil cloths and some beautiful linens and cottons.

I broke out my sewing machine manual and actually made buttonholes for the flap closure and put in these jean buttons.  I don't know why I get hesitant about buttonholes, they are just so easy.

The leaves on the front were appliquéd and quilted at the same time and I quilted a couple of additional leaf patterns either side.

It was simple and easy and it used up scraps to make something beautiful and useful too.  Winner!!


  1. Small projects are so satisfying and a nice break from the more intense projects. Your cushion is gorgeous - a lovely finish :-)

  2. Those cushions in blue are beautiful. It seems I am riding the blue wave just now. I am collecting already onion peels for the next dyeing adventure. I have some experience with withered lilies which I cooked for an hour or so. a very light yellow came out, interesting. Thanks for commenting

  3. OK fess up - which side of the cushion do you have showing??


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