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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last minute...


So tomorrow is the last day of school.  Can you guess what I'm doing?  It's 8pm and I'm attempting to make three teacher gifts before the morning.  The fourth fabric choice is one for me...if I'm going to all this effort then I'm blimmin' well going to make one for me too!!


  1. Wow, you're good to your teachers! I was excited about getting a Christmas card from one of my students.

  2. You know you are crazy don't you? I hope we get to see what the finished product looks like - and who is that third teachers gift for I wonder?

  3. I've put a handy little angel pattern (knitted) on my page - I've used it lots for teacher gifts and other little gifts too. Must have made hundreds since I invented the pattern some 10 years back!


  4. looks interesting. enjoy the holidays!

  5. Haha, you go girl! 40c here today, last day of school tomorrow, not really inclined to do the baking I was planning for the teachers.....


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