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Sunday, February 2, 2014


I've been spending some time thinking about what I'm aiming to do in 2014.  Yes, I generally steer away from 'resolutions', but I do think that it's a good time to review, take stock, plan etc.  And then I'll have a record about what I was planning for the year to look back on at the beginning of 2015 (and either pat myself on the back, or grimace and move on!).

I have a wall planner that I've written down my quilt related events.

On it I have two classes -

  • Jeanette DeNicolis Meyer in March, a three day class held in Auckland about working in a series,
  • and Jacqui Karl in August, a two day class/retreat held in One Tree Point in conjunction with Tulis Textiles.
My best quilting buddy in the last Jeanette class I took.
I have written down the dates for my Beginner Quiltmaking Classes, wednesday evenings for six weeks, beginning in February.

Then I have some hand in dates for exhibitions I want to enter - 
The other thing I've done is make some Quilty Resolutions (I know I just said I steer clear, but a girl has to join in sometimes!) and listed them with Quilting...for the rest of us.  Sandy, from Quilting...for the rest of us, writes a good blog and does a great podcast.  She discussed getting some quilting monkeys off our backs.  You know, those things that have been hanging over our heads - or on our backs - that we just need to get done and get out of our lives.

My three quilting monkeys were - 
  • Boring, but necessary.  Taking stock of UFO's (unfinished objects).  Working on them, finishing them and getting rid of the ones that are just taking up space.
  • Sewing a garment.  I started sorting my UFO's last night and I found at least three garments that I've started and never finished.  I need to sew a garment, even if it's just to say I can!  And then I promise never to buy another dress pattern again!
  • Enter a quilt, or quilts, to the Auckland Festival of Quilts.  I've been meaning to do this for two years, I just need to do it and this is the year for it.
Yup, Blue Room is still not finished.

And Creme Brûlée needs basting and quilting.
So far, so good.  All pretty doable.

If you read this post, some of you might be wondering whether I'll be studying art.  Nope.  I had a long talk to my husband about what I wanted to achieve and where art study fitted in and we decided that it's not the year for it.  I want to eventually make quilting my profession.  How exactly?  I'm not sure.  But the people I've seen who do make their living from quilting seem to combine several strands to make it work - making quilts, teaching, fabric design, article and book writing etc.  So instead of spending a few years studying, I'm going to try and focus on what is already working for me - making quilts, writing patterns, and slowly getting my name out to the universe.  That's another reason why I'm starting to teach beginner quilt making classes - to dip my toe into teaching.

I'm being honest, this was my lounge this afternoon!
As for family/house goals - well, that photo might sum it up!  I have listed areas that I want to work on, and first up is the kid's stuff.  I've been really lax on cleaning, sorting and keeping chaos under control during the school holidays as it just gets undone so quick.  Nuff said.

We are still looking for somewhere new to live.  We've decided we really need to be closer to civilisation as the travelling with kids activities is getting tedious.  And hubby wants to be closer to the ocean for his fishing.  We offered on this block, but were rejected, even though we upped our offer to the registered valuation that we paid to have done.  So we are now preparing to offer on another block.  This one is bare land, no dump of a house thankfully, but it means it would be a longer process before we are able to move.

We've been spending some time doing much-needed chores around the house, just in case we will be selling or renting.
Much better now it
Wow!  This is turning into a missive, so I think I'll stop there.  I intend to revisit these goals and plans each month and see how I'm going.  I have a busy week ahead with kids back to school, work and a public holiday in the middle of it all so it might all fall off the rails....


  1. I recognise that living room - I have one almost the same except with different junk - mostly computer oriented :)

    I'm still trying to get through the hand quilting on Dear Jane. Getting the wrong weight of batting is infuriating but I can't afford to replace it. Won't do that again!

    I'd say you have every chance of making it through quilting. Wish I knew that back when I was young enough to have a real go too. As for transport - that's why we left our beautiful cottage with the stream and the view and the harbour.... the transport was getting really tough and expensive.


  2. Go you Charlotte! Great to have a plan...a necessity plan = no direction. Well, an unknown direction. Come to think of it...I think that describes me lol! Not that I DON't have a plan...just I'm not sure how that plan will pan out. Confused? Me too ha ha...Anyways, keep the faith. I look forward to hearing about all your crafting adventures through the year!

    PS. I can relate to the living room photo with toys everywhere. I've teen-angels now and through it's no longer toys littering the place they still create "things" that mess with my head LOL! But one day, they'll be gone so I try to "enjoy" them while I can {{hugs}}

  3. Sounds like a good list & you can always be flexible!
    Good luck with your new 'goals' & adventures. The kids look like they have had a good break.
    Love 'Blue Room'!!

  4. Hi, Lottie, you are having great plans for 2014 - please don't do too much. Taking classes is wonderful and inspires. And you want to enter into exhibitions. Your two quilts are beautiful, I specially like the sand-colour one. But the blue one is very intricate with the leaves around. Still much to do. The yellow one in your last post is so lovely to see in our European winter time. I love this colour. You made a good decision not to study but try to teach classes ----

  5. A great post. You have got some wonderful things going on this year. Good luck with the beginner classes. What a wonderful beginning to your quilting 'job' :)


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