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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

UFO stocktake

Today (Wednesday) was the first day this week that I had to myself at home.  The kids are back in school after the Summer holidays and I wasn't working.  So I got stuck in to one of my quilting monkeys.  I braced myself and began sorting through my UFO's.

These were just (some of) the ones that had been piled on my sewing table and then shifted from there to become a pile on my laundry bench and were threatening to topple!

This is a block from a class called Serendipity Stars by Barbara Bilyard.  She was a very well known NZ quilter who, sadly, has passed away now.  I completed one block - and hated every second of it!  So I've pressed under the edges a quarter inch and am thinking of turning into a cushion.  What do you think of the ombre background?  Yes or no?  I stuck all the fabric I had in the bag back into my stash 'cause there is no way I'm making more of those blocks to make into a quilt!

Singing Tui.  He's all basted (with fusible) and just needs quilting - and binding and labelling and hanging sleeve....why do those bits always take longest?

Three little samples from my Gwen Marston class.  Pondering what to do with these......suggestions welcome.

Sample from Susan Carlson class.  Love her quilts, not so much her technique.  I won't get this finished and I'll never make a quilt like this so I binned it (gasp!), but everything is glued down so can't be rescued, and you know what?  It felt good!

Oooo!  Here's one of those garments I told you about.  Although technically it's not a UFO because I haven't done anything except pick fabric.  Still feel the love for this one.

This is just a fabric pick too.  A cute little wallet.  Gonna put the fabric back in the stash and put the pattern in a separate pile of 'patterns to make'.

Sooooo many 1 1/2 inch strips left over from my Dad's log cabin quilt.  I sat down and I've now sorted these into similar lengths.  I'm going to sew about four or five similar lengths together then sub cuts them into squares and make some sort of rail fence type quilt.  Sounds like a good idea for a leader and ender project.

I also found an orphan paper pieced block.  What to do with that?  Well I used it to cover a notebook but, duh, forgot to take a photo.

And to top it off, I worked on the lego storm in the lounge, vacuumed, did laundry and took a moment or too to polish my halo...!


  1. not so keen on the ombre background for the cushion, although the colour is OK. And you who were so resistant to ME throwing away a hated UFO... I like the way you covered up the version of the dress pattern that was truly foul, and I might have found some material to make up my version. Shd we organise a DAY for it?

  2. Good work!! All that got done on my list today for my first day off was bills paid, blogs read and new uniforms bought for school - two somebodies had growth spurts over the holidays. Am now contemplating whether I dare empty the My Little Ponies box into the Salvos bag...

  3. Well done! Such a brave move. I have tried, but only pulled out two ufo's! But.......where is your bin??

  4. Put all O.F.O's on to a neutral background and make a Quilt for charity .

  5. Hi - pleased to see some of your symposium projects in the UFO's (and binned!!). Feeling quite chuffed that I've finished Jean and almost finished the dragon fly - just one side of the binding to complete. But I've only started one other project since and that's completely unfinished!1
    Not sure about your colour choice with the cushion - I'd go for brights but I've just done a colour course with Kaffe Fassett so I might be biased :-)

  6. coincidence in posting images close together?...the tui and the gwen Marston samples with some extra fabric would make a lovely cover for a large sketchbook or photo album cover!??
    Lee-Ann Newton


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