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Monday, February 24, 2014

Podcast Episode Two Show Notes

Apparently when you record a podcast, you should also include a blog post about that podcast.  That post is called show notes (now doesn't that sound all professional?!) and it gives you a basic rundown of what was talked about and, in particular, further information and links to websites that were mentioned.

So here are my first show notes:

This podcast I talk about my acceptance to the Living Colour travelling textile exhibition. - Brenda Gael Smith's website

Here's a little glimpse of my quilt 'Summer Dragonfly' made for the Living Colour! exhibition.
I also talk about guide words.

My guide word quiltlet
A link to Jeanette DeNicolis Meyer, with whom I'm taking a workshop soon.

I also talk about my Beginner Quiltmaking classes and how inspiration can strike.  I'd love to hear how inspiration strikes you!

Listen here at pod bean:


  1. You asked about what you do with your INSPIRATION in the middle of the night ,,,, I have a pad of paper and pencil on the bed-stand. I have a soft light near by so as not to over stimulate myself. I also use a personal MP3 recorder at the beside so I can pretty much record my ideas and often do not have to turn on the light for using this. Hubby won't hear me cause we work different shift. Nonnie

  2. Congratulations on getting your Summer Dragonfly selected in the Living Colour
    exhibition.....a friend of mine entered a beautiful piece and was rejected....I love your dragonfly.....I'm looking forward to seeing your panel and everyone's work on display.....Cathy

  3. I downloaded your 1st podcast onto my mp3 player but it would not play, hmmm, must try again.

  4. Well done on putting your big girl pants on! You can do it!!! I thought about having a WORD for this year, but started getting depressed about my self imposed regime - and the best I could come up with was Yearn. Figured that was the same as shooting myself in the foot - so I am going wordless. Although maybe Behave would be the most appropriate one for now :0)

  5. I',looking forward to seeing your quilt "in full", such lovely coloureds and a beautiful dragonfly. Congratulations on this piece being accepted for Living Colour!

  6. This is a fantastic episode! I love your thoughts about guide words and plan to explore the two websites you mentioned. Sounds like some ideas to really think about it and understand.


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