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Thursday, October 16, 2014


This is MV Cerego's compass.  It's a cool old thing, set on gimbals (swivelly, ball thingies that make it level no matter how the boat is sitting) and I love it.  I also thought it was an appropriate symbol of how I'm feeling at the moment.

We are living on the boat - we've been here for about five weeks or so, but I'm still not settled.  We finally have a boat builder working in our forward cabin, building our bed and storage units, but in the meantime Hubby and I have been sleeping on the couches in the kid's playroom.  I'm getting over that very quickly.

Because we are missing the room and storage that our cabin will give us, I haven't been able to sort a sewing area out properly.  And I've been so busy moving, sorting, organising tenants etc, etc that I haven't had much time to quilt anyway.

I let all obligations and deadlines go so that they wouldn't stress me out.  But on the downside of that is now I feel a bit 'drifty' or focusless.

And what do you write on a blog, or say in a podcast, when you have been doing very little and your thoughts are all awry?  It didn't help that I had no WiFi - at least that's mostly sorted now.

So I'm starting with baby steps.  Like writing this today.  A small blog post, with no real planning behind it, just to re acquaint my fingers with the keyboard.

I'll be back again soon.


  1. I know exactly what you mean - I haven't had a proper work space all year and find that sharing space with hubby (much as I love him) just isn't the answer. I have sent an application off to Art School and am waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully :)


  2. I felt like I was drifting all summer and now I'm a bit more focused. I think it will all come together for you in time. Don't worry about us, we'll all still be here for you awaiting stories of boat life!

  3. Do what you can when you can - it will return in full force.

  4. Love that compass too! Be patient and don't force the issue. Remember the value of little hand projects while the kids are swimming. Keep a pad and pencil near, at least you can draw or jot if something comes. Enjoy your time doing other things and enjoy your baby steps.

  5. Sounds like good advice from Raewyn, sometimes we can only how we have to go, not how far we have come. Hang in there!

  6. What a super compass - love the colour there.
    Good to hear from you again and hope things get settled for you very soon.

  7. Love the colours in the compass too. Looking forward to the return of the podcast - I'm enjoying hearing a kiwi voice in the quilting podcast universe.


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