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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's in a Name? Podcast Episode 12

Here's a new podcast episode for you.  I give a bit of an update on what I'm working on, discuss the importance of names and muse about changing my blog and podcast name and then give a little run down on what I hope is coming up for the podcast.

Here's a picture of the 12 x 12 purple challenge quilt I talk about.  It's in it's ugly duckling basted stage.  Hopefully once it's quilted it will look a whole lot better.

And thank you all so much for making my children feel world famous with all your comments about their Lego sewing machine!


  1. Looking good though.

    We have a new builder - why couldn't we have got this one first!!!!! We nearly have a bathroom back and he is willing to oversee Matt doing some of the other stuff too :) A little more finance would help but never mind. It will get done in the end.


  2. No ugly duckling at all. I love it and quilting will make it even better.

  3. Interesting discussion on names, Charlotte. I"ve been thinking about changing my 'lovetostitch' to just stitchingfarmgirl as that is my address name - the things that happen when you are setting up a blog..! Don't know the ramificatons of it though - will people get lost or loose their link even if the address is still the same - scary! Have fun at the show...I'll be up north for a wedding, am disappointed I will miss it. PS Kerryn has fusible web back in stock now too.

  4. Enjoyed your podcast. I think your "beautiful and useful" quote may be from Greene and Greene, the California Craftsman architects. I know, I contemplated long before naming my blog/Etsy shop, and am still not sure I made the right decision, but its meaningful to me.

  5. Interesting discussion. I got my blog name by accident, not sure I love it but it's who I am online now. Love your name and, though I have forgotten the exact wording on occasion, google is my friend and always brings me back to you!

  6. First off, I don't think you are mad at all.

    This is the kind of "better late than never" comment. I am working on the name of a new endeavor as well, so your research was actually very helpful. If you didn't want to completely change the name of your media enterprise, you could go with something I don't know if that is available, but it is related.

    Next, I think tha tif you change your name, you should set up a whole new blog and make the last post on this blog point to your new blog. That way all of your posts will be preserved under the original name AND you will be able to create your new identity. If you change to WordPress, you can import all your old posts to the new blog and then you get the best of both worlds: all posts in one place and the old posts preserved in their original 'state.'

    Finally, if you plan to completely change the name, you might consider something with Calm in the title. You might not think your life is calm, but you sound very calm on the podcast.


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