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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Colour with Texture Workshop

I ran my practice hand dyeing workshop last Friday and thought I'd show you some photos.  I had six students, just the right number for me to test out my teaching methods and see how much we could get through in a day.

There were students who measured precisely and noted everything down, and then there were students who were true mad quilt scientists and just chucked a bit of this and a bit of that!

Some beautiful colours emerged during the day.  Luckily most of the students were part of my guild so I'll get to see the washed and dried fabric results, yay!

We worked in my local community hall, a great big space with very cleanable floors.

It was lots of fun and I can't wait to run another one.  I learnt a few things to change in my handouts and how I structured the day, so it was really useful for me also.  I also have a few more samples to dye, but that's no hardship as I love to dye and watching everyone else have fun with colour just whetted my appetite!


  1. I just finished dyeing my first serious art school project - now I'm scared to wash it! Will probably have to make a test piece to try out first. I loooove being random with dyes - mad scientist here :)

    Glad your class went well too :)


  2. Should love to have been there..😊


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