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Monday, March 23, 2015

Colour with Texture

I'm running a low-water immersion fabric dyeing course on Friday.  It's a 'prototype' or test workshop with a group of my quilting club members to see how much info I can cover in one day, whether I've got all my handouts written correctly , and whether or not it's fun!

This is hanging on my design wall today.  It's one of my samples for the course.  Any guesses on how I made it?  Looking at the final product makes my mind whizz with possibilities.  

And I'm so looking forward to running this class, I love fabric dyeing!!  I'll let you know how it goes, and stay tuned for some more sample pics.


  1. Have fun at your class! Good to teach something you love!

  2. Looks wonderful :) I seem to have misplaced my green fabric - need to look harder.....or maybe dye some :)

    Good luck with the class


  3. Wish I could be there - all my time at the moment is spent chipping away paint or house hunting!!


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