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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Peas Please Published!

It's such a thrill to open a lovely magazine and see your own work!  I had a little pattern published in the February edition of Homespun Magazine, an Australian publication that has a focus on craft stitching.

This is a little sewing wallet that features hexagon peas on brightly coloured appliquéd pea-pods.  I even did a quick bit of embroidery to stitch the tendrils.  

I enjoy Homespun.  It's interesting and inspiring to see a range of projects, not just quilting, which I'm obviously obsessed with enough.  No need to feed that particular passion!  I like the sections they have interviewing their contributors too.  And bonus - they were lovely to work with as a contributor!

The magazine can only publish so many photographs of any particular project, so I thought I'd show you the inside of the wallet here.  I love the gingham that I used to line it and there is a little divider pocket to help keep things neat and tidy inside.  

I used ByAnnie's Soft and Stable and I found it really easy to use and it gave a very nice hand to the wallet.  Firm but flexible, easy to quilt and nice and soft.  I'll be trying it again.

And I'm in love with this black and white striped fabric for bindings.  I only bought a metre.  I think I need some more.....


  1. Congratulations! I'll keep watching the magazine display in the local bookshop.

  2. Really sweet! I'm going to look for the magazine hear in the US. Or maybe my husband will be going to Australia soon for business.

  3. Congratulations! I love to hear such news even if I will never see the magazine.

  4. ...and yes also do I love the black and white striped fabric. At least I can get this in the department store - in Germany. And used it already many times.

  5. How very clever and cute. Congratulations!


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