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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

2nd lot of Auckland Festival of Quilts 2018 Photos

In this selection of quilts from the Auckland Festival of Quilts 2018 (see here for my first selection), I'm going to post quilts that I personally found interesting.  I'll try and explain what appealed to me for each one.  And first up, above, is one of the Community Quilts raffle quilts.  Maker unknown (to me at least.)  I love this simple block that makes a really great secondary design, it's cool when I have to stand and figure for a moment to work out where the actual block is!  Plus I enjoy colours that I wouldn't normally use.  I bought a ticket, but no one's rung me yet...

Ku Bailey has cleverly taken the archetypal fairy woodland scene, and made it resonate for her and her moko (grandchildren.)  With moko kauae (traditional chin tattoos), native insects and birds, tuna (eel) and a reflecting moon, there is plenty to 'I Spy'.  Such a lot of work, and super successful.

One Above Another by Karen Robertson is a delightful non-traditional sampler.  I like variation within a theme, so to see the circle motif chosen then changed up in so many way attracted me.  And the subtle colour palate works so well too.

Robyn Rognstad is one to watch.  I've seen her work over the last few FOQ's and there is no one else with quite such a quirky, innovative style and who approaches themes in quite the same way.  The soft pink girliness of this quilt contrasted with the stereotypically revulsed vulture and bat is so good. Spot the intestines!

I had to include this quilt!  Made from the Pacific Stars Mystery Quilt pattern that I designed for Carol's Quilts.  Kathy has made it her own with a few pieceing alterations and her own colour choices.  Her quilting - her first large scale attempt at free motion quilting using her own templates - adds wonderfully to the theme.

Dear Jane.  There are good ones and there are bad ones and there are boring ones.  This is a good one!  Lovingly pieced in modern colours and fabrics by Margaret Reid.  And so wonderfully quilted by Rebecca Owen, who I believe is Margaret's daughter.

There were several themed exhibits alongside the main show.  One of them was by the Marsden Material Girls and their summer challenge, which this year had been 'Zip It'.  I thought this was the most fabulous, delightful interpretation!  Can you spot the zips on the two corn cobs? Brilliant!

This quilt was by Robyn Croft, which I would never have guessed because it's not the colours I've come to know her for.  But I suppose the repeating simple block motif is something Robyn often uses.  Apart from the interesting colour scheme, the clever use of the quilting lines by Judi Schon, combined with the offset nature of the blocks gives an amazing movement to the piece.  You can see it in the photo, and trust me, it's enough to set off slight vertigo in real life.  Awesome!

I've got even more quilts to share, but this is getting pretty heavy with photos, so I think I'll save the rest for one last FOQ post another day.


  1. I was very surprised by this last quilt by Robyn Croft. But I see she entered another one in her more usual colours, so she hasn’t abandoned her bright style that I love. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Again Thanks. Loved them. Yes I do usually go to this show . ( too much happening for me this year with our big move and new surroundings. ) ( still feeling guilty that I haven't got back to serious patchwork yet - it will happen! )

  3. Thanks again for sharing for those who couldn't be there, or like me was too busy having catch's to take photo's! :-)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these photos. didn't get along this year, not the best place to be when you're using crutches. Love Zip It and Wonder and Fear, both very unusual!

  5. Well, I wouldn't have picked all of these for you, but there are a few I particularly like as well. I think I've seen that raffle quilt as an online sew along... it's kind of like a pineapple block. And love those taupe circles... which I would have chosen for you for their interest factor.


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