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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Auckland Festival of Quilts 2018 Photos

I always try and make a trip down to Auckland for the annual Festival of Quilts.  Being the biggest guild in the country, along with being a non-juried exhibition, makes it a large show with lots of variety.  Then there are the vendors of course....!

My stitching group girlfriends often carpool because it's about a four hour drive one way.  That kind of journey is always better with company!  We stop for breakfast on the way, and this time we stopped for dinner too.  Doing the trip on a Friday meant we hit the weekend exodus traffic on our way home, so we were late enough that everyone was feeling peckish and we were still more than an hour from home.

One of my other good quilting friends, Suz, from 'All the Good Ones are Taken', couldn't make the show this year. I suggested that I do a blog post specifically of quilts that I thought might appeal to her.  She thought that would be fun, but man, was it hard!  Walking around the show thinking, "Would she like this one?" "How about this one?" "What about the colours in this one?" I don't know that I hit the nail on the head, but I gave it a go anyway.

Originally, I thought the pieced third border (the one before the last border with the large blocks) of this quilt by Diane Colquhoun, might appeal to Suz, but then I realised it's actually paper pieced and then appliquéd - not really her thing!  But the overall quilt might appeal, although she would change the colour scheme.

Suz has an interesting mix of modern and contemporary traditional style.  I thought this Denise Schmitt pattern, made by Alison Dobson-Bonney, might appeal, but once again, with her own colour scheme: think greys, greens, duck egg blue....

With the quilt above, Jenni Scott won Best Amateur, which nets her a nice sewing machine from Bernina!  I can't see Suz making all those tiny pineapple blocks, but I think the colour scheme would appeal and the mix of piecing and applique.

I think this Sarah Fielke design, made by Sue Flego, would appeal.  There would be a few of the applique blocks that Suz would alter to suit, and once again the colours would be different.

I reckon with a big of a change of colour scheme, this quilt by Tracey Roberts has Suz written all over it!  Although I'm not sure how she feels about Dresden Plates....

I'm not partial to Lone Stars, and I can't remember whether Suz is, but these little ones set in a grid with the applique, really appeal.  And I just noticed that it's also by Tracey Roberts.  

Another Sarah Fielke design, this one made by Rebecca Bishop.  I have another friend who made this quilt, but in a totally different colour scheme and with a few alternations to some of the borders etc.  It was just as stunning!  I could see Suz making this design too.

I love this quilt!  So if I love it, then Suz should too, right? ;-)  I think the chance to use lots of favourite scraps would attract Suz.  I love Tish's choice of scraps and her setting is quirky and fun.

I don't know why I didn't get a full photo of this fun quilt by Carolyn Van Wonderen, but it was probably because I was so enamoured with the quilting.  Suz, check out those feathers by Rebecca Owen!  Yummo.

Right.  That's my selection for Suz, let's see what she thinks!  Next post I'll have some other quilts that caught my eye.


  1. I think you have done really well! I like most of them, and there are a few I really LOVE. I don't like Lone Star blocks either, but I really like the style of that quilt and its the sort of thing you could easily swap for a different star. While i like the look of the pineapple quilt, I don't know if I could be bothered with ALL that piecing, but a similar effect could be achieved with log cabins I think. I have the original Single Girl quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt, and i particularly like the modern sampler by Sarah Fielke.
    Thanks... this has given me some great inspiration.

  2. Thanks for this Charlotte. I think my favourite is Down the Rabbit Hole by Rebecca Bishop. I love the colours, the neatness and all the hand Quilting.

  3. Thanks I enjoyed your selection.

  4. What a fun post! Nice that you did this for Suz. I was delighted to see Diane's Hartfield Quilt that I quilted for her earlier in the year. I thought of Jane when I saw the Down the Rabbit Hole quilt. So many gorgeous quilts.
    I enjoyed the show, but didn't get any photo's, I was so bust catching up with so many people, I was pretty wired on coffee for my drive home! :-)


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