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Monday, June 15, 2009

Come on, I wanna move in!!

So a couple of months ago I was a little hesitant about this move, and now ALL I think about is moving in. I wake up ticking off little moving 'to-do' lists. I daydream about my vege garden to-be. I am boring my friends and whanau because every sentence begins with, "When we move out to the land..."

No striking changes in the photo. Doors on (no handles), most of the gib stopping done (nothing even remotely interesting to say about gib stopping), and all the skirtings and architraves done.

For me, this weekend just gone was all about putty. When you nail architraves, skirtings and window surrounds on, you punch the nails in a bit and this leaves neat little holes. Neat little holes that my charming husband informed me have to be filled with putty. By me. Not him. Me. So 963 holes later, I'm an expert puttier.

Why not him? Because he was busy knocking together a chicken run. No photos of that yet, not finished and just so rough it's embarrassing. I'm hoping it'll look better next week! So instead you get a glimpse of my new vege garden. Imagine raised beds, rows of healthy brassicas, lettuces, a climbing bean frame, tomatoes, basil.....mmm. Ok, so I have a bit of work ahead of me!


  1. Oooh, I can see the veggie garden, it will be fantastic! 963 holes, did you actually count them? :)

  2. Of course! I can keep my concentration that long with both kids running round my ankles wanting a go, wanting lunch, wanting to pee, wanting, wanting, wanting...!


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