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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Cutie Quilt

This is a quick little quilt I whipped up recently. I make them for the hospital where I work to use on the bassinets. Makes them look a whole lot less like plastic fishbowls! The ladies from Kerikeri Patchwork and Quilting Club donate them too.

I tend to use up my bits and pieces, like blocks I made to experiment with, strips leftover from cutting, or, charm squares like this one. How easy is that! Then for the batting I use old woollen blankets I find in op shops, wool being much better for babies to sleep under, second hand is cheap and already pre-shrunk ('cause they've usually been washed a million times before) and I like recyling/repurposing etc. Then I use calico for the backing, because it's cheap, no-fuss and easy to write on a label.

If anyone has little bits and pieces lying around like me and don't know what to do with them, approach your local Neonatal Unit or Special Care Baby Unit to see if they would like little quilts. The Maternity Units are often too busy to bother but the Special Care units often use them to make the place a bit less scary for parents. They may also use them to wrap stillborn babies in and then give them to the parents to take home as a memory.

They're quick, cheap and can really make a difference. xx


  1. What a sweet thing to do! I love the idea you use recycled items too.

  2. What size do you make them? It's a great idea that would make easy holiday projects for my eldest two. I've been using up all my well worn woollen cot blankets in small quilts.

  3. Thanks guys. For our bassinets, about 18" by 20" because they are just toppers really. The little quilts for wrapping need to be bigger, about 24" by 24", but you could ring the place you are thinking of donating them to and see if they have a standard size.


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