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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Kitchen has arrived!!

Last weekend (I know it's late, sorry to disappoint the millions of fans who have been waiting with baited breath!) my dear husband and my dear brother, who was visiting, lifted our kitchen into place.

The weekend before, this room had just been insulated. Now all the lining is up and the kitchen in place and it's really starting to look like a home.

So the first pic is of the men themselves flexing their muscles and the second one is when they have finished. Of course no oven or fridge yet, all in good time.

Yes, we are going to have a pole in the middle of our lounge. No biggie. I grew up in a pole house (look familiar, sisters?!) except this one spent many a year holding up a wharf, so, as my brother pointed out, we have a few interesting decorations on it, aka barnacles!

This week is skirtings, architraves (think that's what they are called, those bits of skirtings at the top of the walls) and hopefully gibstopping. We may even get to paint next weekend!

And just for interest's sake. Here is a cutie pic. I visited my DH's aunty and uncle on the weekend. They have a little yappy dog who sometimes needs locking up to calm down. The kids thought her cage was fantastic and played 'puppies' the whole time. Might have to get myself one. Just won't tell the vet it's actually for the kids, I might have a visit from child welfare!


  1. Oh, I miss those poles - are you going to hang your pots on it like Mum did?

  2. I'd have to learn macrame first to make the hangers!!

  3. Didn't the pot hanger pole just have hooks hammered into it?

  4. Ha! I thought you meant the pot plants! Don't have a pole close enough to my cooktop or that would be an idea. I'm still working on how to condense my kitchen as I'm losing a few cupboards....


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