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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blog Giveaway

I am doing my very first blog giveaway. It's motivated by purely selfish reasons - I want to see this go to a good home, and currently I don't know any little girls that would fit this.

I made this little dress for my daughter a little while ago because I wanted to make something for her, I wanted to make an item of clothing, and I wanted to use the fabrics. Unfortunately, she has a dress dislike and so has worn it about three times :(

It's pure cotton and has a lined bodice. You can wear it with either the pink or blue skirt forward, it slips over the head easily. And as for sizing, well I have to guesstimate. It is just getting a little small for Olivia now and she is two and a bit and she is average to small.

So this is open to anyone, anywhere. If you want to pass this post on to someone who you think might like it, go ahead.

Just leave me a comment and I'll get said daughter to pull a number out of a hat on January the 25th then I'll contact you via your blog (or leave me an email address) to post it to you.

Good luck!

Edit: Thanks Cathie (aka M.E)! It works and now my post is in the right place.


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