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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yesterday we arrived back from our two-week camping holiday. We are tanned, happy and rejuvanated and absolutely exhausted! Now I'm surrounded in the chaos of unpacking, mountains of washing, lots of work to catch up on around home, and barely any water in our tank. It's good to be back. Here are a few photos from our trip.

We camped in the middle of a paddock.
We had a chaotic, communal Christmas day under manuka trees.

Some of us nicked off with our Daddy's christmas presents.

Our lunch guests sometimes had hooves and saddles.

Our bathroom arrangements were picturesque (if a little primitive).

We ate extremely well (too well, my waistline will testify).

New Year's Eve was a sparkling affair.

And we took great care of our skin.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I have a very similar photo to that last one in my diary - two muddy boys, yours and mine, in the backyard in Tom Price. Check out what we've been up to at...

  2. What fun! Gotta get my kids out camping sometime soon, I know they'd love it.

    Sent a parcel in your direction about a week before Christmas but the postal service have been on strike, so let me know if and when you get it.

    Did Master W come clean easily??

  3. Lou - ohh, yay! Another blog to check out. Thank you for all your lovely pressies - lots of ooo's and ahh's, very talented kiddies you have.

    And Cat, my kiddies used their blankets every night camping! I'll be posting pics soon.


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