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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Delayed Blog Giveaway

I am learning new things about blogging all the time. Here's a new one I learnt today: If you don't publish a post straight away, and go and edit and publish it later, it will publish to your blog under the date you started writing it.

I started writing a post of the 15th of December about a blog giveaway, and then I decided that it was a bad time to do it as I was about to go holidaying. So yesterday I published it and today I went and checked my blog and it wasn't there! I found it, of course, on the 15th December.

I presume I could have changed the date to publish yesterday - but that will be next time's step to learn. I certainly can't see anyway to change it now.

So, IF you are interested in a giveaway, and IF you can be bothered to look back to December 15th, then go have a lookie.

And IF anyone knows how to move a blog post date once you've published it, feel free to increase my knowledge base!


  1. Hey chicky, if I go back to an unpublished post, I just cut and paste the contents on a new post, then delete the old one. There's probably a better way than that, but I don't know it :)

    Cute dress but no wee girly's here! I'll put your giveaway on my blog though if that's ok...

  2. Thanks, darl, I'll remember that one. And feel free to spread the message around as much as you like...I'd like to get at least one comment ;)

  3. hey Ms Lottie, thanks for popping by!
    if you go back to that post & click edit, then down the bottom it should have post options, change the date from that to the 15th january instead.

    goodluck, let me know how you go ♥


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