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Friday, January 22, 2010

How does your garden grow?

This is making me intensely happy at the moment. I've longed for a proper space to make a vegetable garden in, and now I have one AND it's growing well. In fact, the photo below is the same space just two months ago.

I have potatoes, basil, sweetcorn, rhubarb, courgettes, pumpkins, leeks, carrots, dwarf green bean, sugarsnap peas, capsicums, sunflowers and herbs. I have one bed planted in a compost crop of mustard (amazing how fast that stuff grows!) and I have a big pile of horse manure ageing away to be dug in in autumn.

The earthy smell, the joy of watching something grow - why don't people garden more?


  1. it's looking great! Isn't it brilliant to go into the garden and pick stuff for dinner? I'm definitely hooked.

  2. Oh, I'm just itching to get a good garden going once we move! My efforts in pots are not quite the same as your magnificent spread...

  3. Looks fantastic! I sooo know what your saying! Everyone should have a little vegie patch :)

  4. Oooohh!! Your garden looks lovely. So much space. i'm very jealous!


  5. Jealous, jealous, jealous! Master F just planted carrots in a pot - hmm - wrong time of year, will probably bolt, but they came up in two days!

  6. Thanks everyone. Of course I didn't photograph the bit that I've yet to dig over ;)

    I used to garden in pots because that was what I had but gardening in a garden is sooo much more satisfying, just much more elbow grease required!


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