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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blue Eggs.

The blue eggs are from my Araucana chickens.  Unfortunately they are a light breed and so the roosters aren't much good for eating, but I'm still contemplating keeping them as a breed because the eggs are just so pretty.

Specially for Laura.


  1. Love that first picture, beautifully lit :)

  2. Oh I so want blue eggs! Going to have to get me some of those chooks! Then I MUST STOP!

  3. I've always wanted some of those chickens after a friend gave us some blue eggs when I was a child, need to get a house with some land first :)

  4. We have at least one hen,and now 1 new chick from that mother, that lay very pale green eggs at present. We don't keep any specific type of chicken, unless we order the Black Austrolorps.We do love them,but occasionally we'll pick up a chicken or two at the flea market or from a friend, just to keep us in eggs.The colored eggs are a nice novelty to show friends, like the watermelon rind preserves. We don't use that much of it either, but Pop likes to show and give it to friends who have never heard of it.

  5. These are lovely. Pre-coloured Easter Eggs.

  6. Hi I tried to leave a comment yesterday but my internet went funny for a bit!! I have these gorgeous chooks who lay the beautiful eggs - but I do have trouble with them going clucky all the time! - already this spring I have had all 4 in the Naughty Box.. they lay flat out for about 3 weeks and then go clucky. I wonder if its just me or if its this breed? My shavers just keep on laying without going clucky! Frustrating. It's still blowing so hope your loo is nice and secure!


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