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Monday, September 20, 2010

Build me a shed and paint it red.

I need a shed!  A great, big shed! 

Hubby needs a shed.  A great, big shed.

And I think it's finally going to happen.  I won't bore you with long complicated details about delayed building consents, held-up certificate's of acceptance, dastardly neighbours and shed building companies in receivership (gosh, it took so long to type that, the whole story would have put you to sleep), but finally it seems like the shed might be built by the end of summer. 

Why do we need a shed so bad?

If I step out my back door, I look straight at a bunny cage.  Top tier has Fluffy and her ten babies, bottom tier has four-week-old chicks.  If I look to the right, the pet lamb is penned here at night.  In my laundry/bathroom is a brooder with another 17 chicks in it, these ones are four days old.  And the incubator with another 29 eggs in it.  Animals poop, and poop smells - no matter how often you clean them out!

I'm also sick of the junk.  I have a seriously dilapidated caravan out my front window.  It stores things like camping gear, surfboards, and home brew kegs.  It's not the nicest view and I want it gone (can you hear my foot stomping?).  And an ugly tarpaulin covered wood working machine (don't ask me what it does).  A tractor, a ride on lawn mower, tools, buckets....

My fugly bits - ugh.
Also, with the shed will come the veranda.  A five metre wide roof out the front of my house to give us shade in summer and rain protection in winter.  Very badly needed.  And of course, once that is built, then I can landscape under and around it.

Please, please - I have been very patient, but I WANT MY SHED!!!!!!


  1. Can anyone join this rant :)

    Please please please can I have my shower finished this year - the old bathtub is uncleanable and needs to turn into a raised flowerbed! And youngest would like his bedroom to not be the only access to the kitchen and toilet!

    viv in dunedin

  2. Good luck Lottie. Hope that shed materialises really soon. Sounds like you deserve it after being patient for so long.

  3. I dare not comment on this topic, too extensively. I have bought 2 sheds, with my own money,in the last 32 years,and have not utilized them the best, but I keep thinking I will do better any day.Nowadays,everyone needs a shed for their own private space to get away from the day to day,"must do" tasks, and do whatever is pleasing and relaxing to them.

  4. Viv I hope you get a shower soon! And sawn61, I'm hoping for a sewing room one day to get away in (but that'll come after the shed, and then after the flushing loo!).

  5. Your shed AND a verandah! Wow, lucky you. Our shed keeps being put off cos we are not sure whether we are moving or not ..... we've lived here on our 5 acres for 21 years and have been procrastinating about moving for 10 of them, even had an option on the place for a few months earlier this year. But, it all fell thru, so maybe that's an omen to "get another shed".
    Faye in Pinjarra WA

  6. Our garage is our shed - between the camper trailer, five bikes, one motorbike, two scooters, one skateboard, numerous tools, surfboards, satellite dishes (don't ask!), and other flotsam and jetsam, we can just fit the car in - minus the tow bar! WE NEED A SHED!!!


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