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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Fleashop Finds

I can't think of a word to alliterate with Op Shop so Friday Fleashop Finds it will have to stay for now. 

Friday is my quilting-in-the-morning with a friend day, errand day, grocery day, farm store day and, if I can squeeze it in, a browse around the Op Shops in our little rural town.

Again, I checked out the fabrics and remnants that they have, but nope, yucky polyester curtain linings for the most.  But then I walked past the men's shirts and found this little (x-large actually) beauty.  100% cotton and the cutest stripe.  And I can cut the buttons off for my button jar.

My man's a bit rough to wear this, although I did hint he might look nice in it! 

So I vowed not to buy any new fabric in 2010, but this doesn't count right?  The only problem is, if I really examine the concept behind ethical consuming, reuse is all very well, but I'm still reusing a non-organic, unsustainably grown and processed shirt.  Urggh, sometimes it all makes my head hurt.  So I'm going to ignore that thought for a while and just be happy that I found a nice piece of cotton fabric for cheap for my stash and saved it from being chucked in a landfill and supported a local charity, all at once.

I also found more 1 litre Agee jars (heavy preserving jars) to add to my collection and a medium sized ceramic casserole dish, complete with glass lid.  It'll replace the one that my darling hubby broke last week.  And a bag of lemons.  I feel a lemon meringue pie coming on.

Do you have days like that at Op Shops?  Where you walk in and come out loaded, even when there was nothing on your list? 


  1. dunno i just cant get the thought of lemon meringue pie out of my head. got a bag of free lemons yesterday, and a friend gave me 2 doz eggs from her hens. oh yeah the shirt, its already created so saving it from the landfil is a good thing. cut a cuff off and use it as a pin cushion/wrist band when you are sewing.

  2. My thoughts exactly re. checking out the op shops for nice fabric to re-use.
    Although I have yet to do anything in the way of sewing! Lots on the 'to-do' list!

  3. Been there, done that, had to house the results :)

    viv in dunedin

  4. I think we are all cut from the same cloth. I do many of the same things.(Good idea, Brendie,on the wrist band pin cushion)It seems we learn something new,every day from our blogging friends.Isn't it wonderful?

  5. Great find - I love the green stripe in the shirt, i can see it woring its way into a project quite nicely!


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