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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mystery in the Vege Garden.

They are all so beautiful (if a little holey).  Jewels in the garden crown. 

So which one will I choose?  Whose life do I end today?

I feel like a murderer.  I'm stalking my victim.

Ahh, the knife slips in.  One good hack and it's all over.  No one will ever know it was me.


No one except the cat.

Don't forget who feeds you, Wild Puss!


  1. When I drove the school bus many years ago,and a child would do something wrong, I'd ask who did it. No one would speak up. I would always tell them. "Some one, somewhere knows the truth, and sooner or later, the truth will come out."(Especially when children are involved)But I think you are safe,in this case.

  2. Ha! Boiled caterpillar for dinner :) They are just so hard to find! And they love broccoli.

    viv in dunedin

  3. Cats here, in Texas, don't talk...or they end up in chop-suey!

  4. Enjoy your fresh picked brocolli!!! PS I wont tell anyone!

  5. hehe...looks delish! I go out and check my broccoli each day....and tell them to grow grow grow...cos mama wants to eat them!

  6. Oh, I love me some just picked broccoli! Murderer, hahaha!


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