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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Duckling update.

Are they cute or what? There are definitely three now and perhaps more under Mama Black Hen.

William got the first hold (I managed to sneak one away while MBH was distracted!). He wasn't that pleased to learn that they are destined for the table, so maybe I will keep a few hens (I know drake is the name of a boy duck, but hen doesn't quite sound right for the girls, anyone know?) to breed from.


  1. how gorgeous!!
    And a coincidence as we got some ducklings this morning. You should see the size of them and they're only 3.5 weeks old. Yours look adorable!

  2. HOw cute! I had ducks when i was young - but cannot have them now because my yard is too small to cope with duck poop!

    and yep...I think they are called 'hens'.



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