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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Victory is Mine!

Ever since we came back from our holiday I've been fighting a little war.
They have been sneakily breeding and now in the warmth of summer, with plenty of grass seed heads around, there is a population explosion.

I can hear them. I can SMELL them. And the last straw? Is when I can SEE them. When I see a mouse in my house, out come the traps.

But they are crafty. They are light footed. And this little one had been gorging himself on peanut butter and cheese for nights now, WITHOUT setting off my trap.



  1. You go girl!!! Last mouse we caught only got caught by the tail and proceeded to try and escape back under the fridge until humanely dispatched by me with the shovel - as the Uncle in residence at the time was too much of a sook to do so.

  2. Hmmm, that's the only problem - the chance of a miscatch, but it's pretty rare and traps are so much more humane than poison. My tally is now four mice in 24 hours!! A plague I tell you, a plague!


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