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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

Like little prayer flags flapping in the wind, these batik charm squares look so beautiful dancing on the clothes line. They are destined to become a quilt for my mother in law.

And is this not a beautiful work in progress? You can see the progression of developing courgettes in a spiral, from almost-picking size right down to little-green-nub size. From two plants, we are picking one or two a day, just perfect for our little family of four.

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  1. yum, that zucchini looks good. The only thing growing (existing) in my garden right now is a few battered leeks and some underground parsnips. But I saw some chickweed sprouts the other day so spring will come!--ps this is Patti from Brigid's Garden I couldn't figure out how to sign my real name. ; 0


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