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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award and a little bit of useless info.

Abi at Little Grubs was kind enough to award me a blog award.  You're supposed to nominate other blogs and tell everyone ten things about yourself.  I've done one of these before so I had to look back and see what I've already divulged about myself so I could share something else.  But then I had a real time thinking of things.  So I asked my husband.

  1. The first thing he said was,"That you're a mad, crazy, chicken lady." (I'm sure he loves he, really.)  I said that everyone knows that already. 
  2. Then he said,"You're totally obsessed with quilting."  Come on - give me something nobody knows!
  3. So he said, "Tell everyone you've a tattoo on your back."  Ok - I have a small tattoo on my lower back and I forget it's there because I can't see it and sometimes it startles me if I'm checking to see if my bum looks big ;)
  4. Then we got silly.  He reckons he's better at making gravy than me.  He's probably right.  We never really had roasts when I grew up and so I can't ever remember learning how to make gravy.  But I'm getting better at it.
  5. Here's one we came up with: I proposed to my Hubby on a leap year.  (And he said yes!).
  6. I bite my nails and am totally unaware that I'm doing it.
  7. As I go about my day, I often wonder how I would have done what I'm doing back in colonial times.
  8. My first full time job when I left school was at the first Spotlight store to have opened in Wellington - but I worked in the Manchester department.  Maybe if I'd worked in Fabrics, I'd still be there?  Instead I hated it and left go to 'Tech to get some qualifications.
  9. Looking at my fabric stash, I'd have a guess that my favourite colours are blue and pink.
  10. And the last one that my Hubby came up with.  He thinks it's totally ironic that I'm a midwife and that I don't do tiredness very well.  (I told him I do tiredness just fine when I'm in public!).
I love this pic.  My son took it in May on a morning walk (yes, early enough to be still in their jammies).  My daughter is complaining that it's bright and I love that the shadow of my son is in the pic too.

Now the blogs I'm passing this on to if they want to take it up.  There are many I love and read regularly but here are a few that I think are particularly beautiful:

MaeheGirl - always lovely photos and a talented knitter.

Cabbage Tree Farm - a local bloggy find for me.

QuiltPorn - told you I was mad about quilting!

soggy bottom flats quilting and stitching - gotta love a blog with a name like that.

Our Wee Farm - very lovely pictures and a great sense of style.

Apron Strings - beautifully honest about life.

selina's vintage - if you like chenille...

So if it's rainy and miserable at your place like it is at mine, and you have some spare time, check them out.


  1. OOo thank you ❤ ❤ ❤
    We've got lightning now!
    I managed to get a flash on video by hanging out of the window!

  2. Awwwww. ❤ Thank you, my dear! Lovely picture of you there...

  3. Great to find out more about you. I would agree with the tiredness thing - when in public it's not quite the right thing for grown ups to have tantrums .... so we wait until we get home! Look forward to checking out the blogs you've listed when I have a few more relaxed minutes to spare! x

  4. I will still do it. I'm supposed to be in a house next Friday. We'll see.


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